Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nika is our cat. We are Mike and Kelly Baker, our daughter Jasmine, and Nika. Nika was born in 2000 so he is quite old, but still healthy. He has always been thin and lithe. He eats a can of wet food every day and has an endless supply of dry food and water. He has always spent his day out doors. He knows his way around and will often travel a block away from home (he lives on Appleton St., between Orange and Cerritos). He is well loved by us and half of the neighborhood. Neighbors visit him daily in front of our house, bringing treats, petting him, and even visiting with dogs.

Nika is healthy, cared for, loved, and affectionate. If he seems hurt or is far from home, call us at 562-951-5958.